Ionic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush With Sonic Clean Technology



I have to be honest, Panasonic are not the first name that comes to mind when I think of electric toothbrushes. Philips and Braun yes, but not Panasonic. But that may well change from now on, as the Panasonic Sonic Vibration EW-DL92 Ionic Rechargeable brush is marking its presence in the market with a real buzz.


It is much more than a mouthful boasting an array of features and a cleaning system that incorporates both sonic movement and ionic charge. Is this enough to compete with the established Braun Pro Care or the Philips Sonicare ranges?

The Cleaning System

Sonic And Ionic –
There is nothing new about the Sonic cleaning system, Philips have been using this for a long time, as have Panasonic. With the EW-DL92 the linear sonic vibrations brush horizontally along the gum line to stimulate and clean effectively as well as protect the gums. The sonic vibrations are accelerated to 31000 brush strokes per minute to provide the high-speed, smooth cleaning experience.

What is rather rare however, is the use of Ionic Technology on a brush. This element of the brush head utilises an electrode section that generates ions in the oral cavity which provides a different approach to handle plaque and stains. The results are quite impressive once you get used to the sensation.

For some, the thought of using electrodes in the mouth generates similar feeling to chewing tin foil or wool on fillings – not a nice sensation. But the Ionic clean is far from this sensation, and while some may feel a slight tingle at first, the sensation is quite gentle and rewarding.

A Different Approach To Brush Heads
The Panasonic brush heads that come with the EW-DL92 are quite different to those you would expect with other competitors. The handle comes with a ‘Silicone’ brush head; ‘Point’ brush head and one of the standard ‘Triple Edged’ brush heads.

The Triple edge brush head sports a stretched ovular shape with diamond shaped bristles. In practice, it does certainly remove more plaque than a manual brush and there is a functional tongue cleaner on the back of the brush head.

The Silicone brush head is two-way and makes for a perfect gum cleaner, although it’s not really for everyday use. I found it to be more than adequate twice a week. The same goes for the Point brush head – very effective for getting in deeper between the gaps and edges of the teeth, but two touch ups to the main clean a week with this head was more than adequate.

There are four different settings to use with these different brush heads; white, soft, sensitive and gumcare. These modes are indicated on the stylish LED display on the brush handle.


Other Features You’ll Like About This Brush

Size Doesn’t Matter – The EW-DL92 is a little smaller than other shafts, but still offers an effective grip, professional build quality and a good holding weight at 90 grams.

What Else Is In The Box
Other items you will find in the box include a Charging Stand, and compact Travel Case. The charge stand is nice and small, plastic but solid. The travel case is nice and compact, well-built and functional.

Other Standard Features
In addition to everything else above, the Sonic Vibration EW-DL92 comes with a set of other features that you would expect a standard from an electric brush of this price. These include a low battery indicator and a brushing timer that pauses briefly every 30 seconds to tell you when it’s time to move onto the next section. There is also however, a soft start feature on this brush, where once powered on, it will start for a couple of seconds at a slower speed before accelerating to full speed.

The Battery – Any Good?
The first charge took 24 hours, but from that came an astounding 23 days of charge. I thought the Philips battery was impressive but Panasonic are clearly serious about competing on battery life.

What I Like About The EW-DL92

A Different Type Of Clean – Some people can feel a slight electric charge when using the Ionic brush and I am one of these people. The charge is very gentle and should be nothing to put you off, especially given the results of what the Ionic charge brings to the whitening of your teeth. The slight charge noticeably helps to shift plaque and stains and it is a curiously attractive feeling.


I like the fact that Panasonic are experimenting with different materials and designs for their brush heads. Each has its own advantage and purpose and it is something that other competitors rarely experiment with – favouring instead to alter shape and rotation rather than materials.

Final Thoughts on The Panasonic Sonic Vibration EW-DL92

The Sonic Vibration EW-DL92 is not cheap by any means, but it is a fantastic piece of kit. The battery life is impressive, the mix of Ionic and Sonic cleaning is impressive and the brush heads are innovative. It has all the makings of a champion.

However, before it can claim any spot at the top, spare parts have to become more readily available. As it stands, the brush heads are notoriously hard to come across but as soon as that issue is overcome, this will surely be a top contender.